Twins Dolphin specializes in supplying plastic household products in Malaysia. Our main products are plastic drawer cabinets, drawers, storage boxes and various types of racks. With a diverse range of products supplied by us, we are able to satisfy most of the customer needs, markets and retailers.

What are our products and services?

Here at Twins Dolphin Plasticware Sdn Bhd, we specialize as a quality plastic ware supplier and manufacturer. We pride ourselves in manufacturing various high-quality plastic wares and plastic household objects that range from plastic containers to drawers to even racks, that are perfect for your homes, your office and your kitchen.

What is plastic ware?

A plastic ware is an item that is made of and manufactured from plastic. Plasticware can come in many forms and products such as office equipment, kitchen supplies and even household objects. Each plasticware has its own unique purpose and applications.

What different types of plasticware products do we have?

As a plasticware supplier and manufacturer, we offer and produce a large range of plasticware that can be used in offices, kitchens and even homes. For household objects, our plasticware can range from plastic storage boxes, shoe racks, industrial and hardware products, pails, bathroom and clothes hangers to even plastic basins. We also produce plasticware that can be used in many homes and offices, such as dustbins, multi-purpose food storage containers, drinking air-tight water containers, tables chairs and disposable cutleries.

What can a plastic storage box be used for?

Besides serving as a storage box to store unwanted items, there are actually a number of ways you can utilize and use plastic storage boxes.

  • Plastic storage boxes can store folders, books, and magazines: Plastic storage boxes enable you to safely store your books, magazines and folders, and make your paperwork look more organized.
  • Plastic storage boxes can be used to store shoes: With its clear transparent surface, you can easily see the contents inside and make your shoes look organized. Utilizing it as a shoe case also makes it easier for you to be able to locate your favorite pair of shoes when you are in a hurry to leave the house for work or an event.
  • Plastic storage boxes can be used to store toys and games: It can be a bother to clean up toys and games that have been discarded or misplaced. By using a plastic storage box, you can encourage your children and/or younger relatives to make it a game to keep and tidy up their toys as an effort to teach them how to be organized.

Why do we need to use plastic ware?

There are a number of reasons that can be benefited from using plastic wares. First of all, plasticware is generally available in different sizes and colours, which are aesthetically attractive and appealing. Furthermore, plasticware is made of good quality plastic ingredients, and they are also cost efficient as they are produced in mass amounts. Plasticwares can be efficient and effective as they can be multifunctional and you can use them in a number of ways to utilize them.

What are the qualities of a good plastic ware?

Here are a few qualities that you should look out for when shopping for plasticware: -

  • The Design of the plasticware: Is the plasticware design good or unique? Special finishes, expensive tool polishing and great care during packing and assembly can truly make a difference in making a plasticware look attractive
  • The Quality of the plastic material: Is the plasticware of food grade? Is it made of recycled plastic that is good for the environment but could be endangering your health and the container? Is the plasticware BPA free?
  • The strength and thickness of the plasticware: Plastics need to be very durable to be able to sustain and carry the weight of its contents for safety, or prevent any breaking during accidental drops as plastic is not easily breakable as compared to glassware.