TWINS DOLPHIN Plasticware is produced with the eye test, the expression of beauty for every home in style. Beside aesthetics, our products must also have function with a purpose starting from the innovation and designing stages.
These are the very bedrocks of every TWINS DOLPHIN plasticware, form that meets the purpose.
Look for our TWINS DOLPHIN brand name; you can be assured that our products are pleasing to your eyes and works just perfectly for your needs, right at home.

Company History

Guan Hong Plastic Industries Sdn.Bhd was established in 1982 by Mr. Teng Lin Chi. The company started from a humble makeshift small factory with the sole aim to make plasticware that lasts and aesthetically pleasing.

Till today, that’s same aim is still the bedrock of Guan Hong Plastic Industries Sdn.Bhd. That’s why, TWINS DOLPHIN Plasticware remains well-known and welcome plasticware brand manufacturer in Malaysia.